Our purpose is to advance education
for girls in rural Malawi
by leveraging and front lining
community participation
in fighting obstacles and traditions
that lead to educational poverty.

Our Programs

Changing the world with love


Our programs focus on community participation in girls’ education by providing the girls with support safe space and mobilizing and educating their communities on the importance of education. Lit “Oyaka” Mother Group and Mthandizi Community Initiative focus more on finding ways for communities to make sure they are able to support the girls.


Our mentorship programs are in two folds: Mama mentors which is a women’s mentorship program to prepare the members of the lit Oyaka mother group and a Youth mentorship program between young professionals and the young people in our program supporting them in their career and academic choices as well as their everyday life.


Our outreach projects main aim is to raise awareness on issues of sexual violence to schools and communities, As well as teach preventative education to the youth both in and out of school. These outreach programs also mobilize and encourage communities to create safe spaces for the youth in issues relating to abuse and early pregnancies as well as SRHR.

Scholarship Fund

Nyenyezi Yowala is a Chichewa phrase that means “shining star.” As Co-founders, we have been socialized to the idea that “the sky is the limit” and that “we can reach for the stars”. In our journey we drive the girls towards the same, but we are also living testaments of this belief. This is our first step in making sure girls in communities have the ability to reach for the stars.


Our Voices in the world.



We engage our communities by raising awareness of the importance of education to challenge negative attitudes and stereotypes relating to girls’ education and issues of sexual violence. Our community outreaches and mentorship programs are key to community engagement



Our communities share lived experiences with our young girls and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to address social norms and local obstacles. As such, we work hand in hand with them to devise strategies that address and reduce factors that contribute to school dropout among the young people in their communities



Through our Scholarship Fund and community-led LOM Groups, we strive to harness the full potential, skills, talents, and creativity among our target youth to optimize their academic performance and personal development (i.e. build human capital, increase employability, improve their quality of life)



Our hope is that the young people we work with will be supported and empowered to occupy spaces and competently take up educational and professional opportunities both locally and internationally. We are also looking forward to make this sustainable and measurable within the communities.

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