Our Flagship Program

Nyenyezi Scholarship Fund.

The Nyenyezi Yowala Scholarship Fund (NYSF) was launched in June 2020 in Nambuma, Dowa, located in Central Malawi, to promote women and girls’ education in the neighboring communities. Our Fund supports girls with tuition, fees, sanitary products, and school resources. The Fund also underscores the criticality of (re)integrating girls who left the school system due to different factors ranging from poverty, pregnancy, marriage, etc. To support their re-entry into school, our Fund has specific slots reserved for the young women who are determined to go back to school. Through Loving Arms, the girls and women in the Fund have access to peer support and study groups, which were crucial and crucial during holidays and weekends. Currently, the Fund has 27 beneficiaries. Since the Fund’s launch, we have paid tuition and fees for 22 girls and one woman (who is part of the reintegration program) in the six months of operation. On average, for each student, the estimated cost per term is 25,000MWK or 40USD. Several individual sponsors support the Fund with monthly contributions, making it possible to pay for all the girls’ tuition fees and school-related resources. 

As co-founders, we are looking into a sustainable plan for the Fund to become self-sufficient.

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