• Lit ‘Oyaka’ Mother Group

    The Lit "Oyaka" Mother Group (LOM Group) is an initiative that brings together community older women (aka mothers) who are trained to mentor and support girls in education by working directly with the girls and their families to address issues preventing girls from staying in the school.
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  • Education for everyone

    As of today, the literacy rate of children in Malawi is considerably higher than its neighboring countries in Africa, with 72 percent of the youth aged 15 to 24 able to read and write. But, closer inspection of data reveals that the state of girls’ education in Malawi is still in critical condition. With more than 85 percent of its population living in rural areas, Malawi faces a critical problem of girls under-enrolled and outnumbered in the majority of its primary schools. Furthermore, primary education attendance does not mean that students will automatically go on to pursue higher level education. Only 6 percent of girls graduate from high school each year, with only 2.9 percent going on to seek post-secondary education studies.
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